Posted in April 2015

3 Best WordPress Security Plugins for 2015

3 Best WordPress Security Plugins for 2015

Its very important that your WordPress based website is safe and secure. One of the simplest ways to achieve this is to make sure you run the latest version of WordPress. It addresses many WordPress security issues straight out of the box. Our web hosting customers can benefit from automatic… – Continue reading

WordPress Security and why you shouldn’t use “nulled” plugins and themes

WordPress Security and why you shouldn’t use “nulled” plugins and themes

As a web hosting company we often have customers contacting our customer support concerned about the security of there website. The majority of the time its concerns about WordPress security. Being the most popular open source CMS on the market the amount of users is huge. Our web hosting… – Continue reading

netbeans automated deployment with ant and rsync

Originally posted on noobstack:
since i have a few chances to correctly remember rsync deployment command and since a wrong command could be a disaster, let’s try to automatically perform it via netbeans-ant integration: cp options: -R -> nicely manages symbolic links rsync options: -a -> stands for “archive” and syncs recursively and preserves…

How to Get a Free WebSite and Free Domain

How to Get a Free WebSite and Free Domain

Originally posted on wikialltech:
In this post you will gain knowledge how to Get a Free WebSite and Free Domain. Everyone needs a website, yet how would you get a website and domain name without spending a great deal? Simple: simply discover a free web host. A free web hosting organization will issue you a…

9 Easy Step-by-Step Ways to Build Mobile Apps

Originally posted on Suja Jude:
Are mobile apps more important than websites? Pondering over this question provides us a lot of food for thought. Not able to gauge the priority of importance, I decided to settle down with my own hypothesis, of course supported by facts. Hypothesis 1: Mobile is how we are spending most of…

Zapier – Connect two apps

Originally posted on thecoola:
Zapier connects the web apps you use to easily move your data and automate Tedious Tasks. Example – If you use both LinkedIn and RSS, you’ve probably thought about bringing the two together. Luckily, with Zapier, it’s now a real possibility! The best part is you don’t need to be a programmer…