9 Easy Step-by-Step Ways to Build Mobile Apps

Suja Jude

Are mobile apps more important than websites?ID-10055509

Pondering over this question provides us a lot of food for thought. Not able to gauge the priority of importance, I decided to settle down with my own hypothesis, of course supported by facts.

Hypothesis 1: Mobile is how we are spending most of our decision making time with 80% focus of mobile time in apps.

Hypothesis 2: During purchase, consumers prefer the simplicity and focus that apps provide, rather than the variety and diffusion inherent in websites.

Hypothesis 3: Websites are on the way to becoming the AM radio of the Internet.

According to comScore, 90 percent of mobile internet time is spent in apps.

untitledSource:ComScore data via IAB

I personally prefer apps to websites because they are:

  • More convenient & easier to use
  • Work even when my mobile phone is not connected to the internet
  • Mobile websites often don’t look good on…

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